UCS Technology Services (UCS TS), a leading software provider to pharmacy retailers, will soon launch the Helix Clinic, a new offering in its cloud-based Helix Health mobile application suite.

The Clinic software deployed on mobile devices is designed to address practitioner and patient needs, giving fingertip access to information accompanied by graphical representation. The mobile software is intended to aid diagnosis and treatment discussions with patients.

Technology can play a key role in helping pharmacies capitalise on the opportunities presented by primary healthcare through a patient-centric model, where comprehensive information sharing between pharmacists and nurse practitioners can take place.

This collaboration and co-operation among professionals will offer enhanced monitoring, effectiveness and safety, ultimately leading to savings in the provision of healthcare services.

According to UCS TS, pharmacy-based clinics offer patients greater access to healthcare at a reduced cost, while providing an environment where disease management and patient education can take place.

The launch of Helix Clinic will provide a solution that works across both private and public healthcare facilities and has the potential to play a significant role in the support of the future National Health Insurance (NHI) system through the broadening of the management of services of primary healthcare.

The Helix Clinic app has been developed around the nurse practitioner, and will integrate to the dispensary providing a holistic view of the patient that is easy to manage and track. UCS says the clinic app can evolve into the pharmacy role and provide additional outlets where health services can be offered.

The Helix clinic solution will help organisations to manage costs in delivery of clinic services by providing a central database across many different locations, enabling the sharing of patient data and limit patients having to repeat their information to multiple clinicians, and undergo repeated or unnecessary tests.

UCS says mobile apps and cloud technology provide the industry with the leap required to easily and effectively roll the clinic software across South Africa. Helix Clinic will be the way to provide more care to more people more conveniently.

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