Ride hailing app, Uber, has introduced a new healthcare transportation service in the US called Uber Health.

As part of the new service, healthcare professionals can use the Uber Health dashboard to order rides for patients going to and from the care they need.

“Uber’s endeavours into healthcare trace back to 2014, when Uber first offered on-demand flu shots in large markets across the US,” said Uber Health General Manager, Chris Weber, in an interview with Techcrunch.

“Since then there have been similar efforts throughout the world, from diabetes and thyroid testing in India, to subsidised rides for breast cancer screening in the US, to many more. That said, all of these efforts have been pop-ups,” continued Weber.

Uber Health allows the scheduling of rides up to 30 days in advance, so the healthcare provider can schedule transportation for any follow-up appointments while the patient is still at the healthcare facility.

For ease of use, patients without a smartphone are still able to use the service because Uber Health alerts them about their ride via SMS. In the near future, Uber will also introduce an option for patients to receive a phone call with their trip details – either to their mobile phone or landline.

Uber Health is HIPPA compliant and, according to Uber, they have worked with Clearwater Compliance, a HIPAA compliance company, to conduct risk and compliance assessments.

Through the dashboard healthcare organisations can keep track of the rides they organised and view monthly billing statements, appointments and scheduling reports.

Uber Health charges its healthcare organisation customers only for the cost of individual rides, which are similar to the cost of rides in its consumer app. Access to the dashboard and the reporting tools are included for free.

Over 100 healthcare organisations in the US, including hospitals, clinics, rehab centres, senior care facilities, home care centres, and physical therapy centres are already using Uber Health as a part of the beta programme.

Uber has also launched an Uber Health API to enable easy integrations into existing healthcare products.

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