Entries have officially opened for the 2017 Da Vinci Top Technology 100 Business Innovation Awards (TT100).

The awards seek to identify role models within the management of innovation and technology domains who have demonstrated their excellence in co-creating new workplace realities.

Since its inception in 1991, TT100 has been recognising innovation and technological prowess in South African companies, and has become the country’s foremost business awards programme. TT100 is focused on identifying exceptional managerial leaders who through innovation, tenacity and a belief in people have been able to take their organisations to new levels of competitiveness.

Organisations that are encouraged to enter the TT100 Awards programme include those involved in a wide spectrum of operations in diversified industries. According to TT100, they should “exemplify those who through passion, perseverance and a highly developed sense of innovation, have defied all odds, and have become recognised as significant players in the global economy.”

Interested candidates can enter by completing the registration form here before 31 August 2017. After entering, a detailed assessment will be conducted and, if accepted, entrants will be notified and required to make a pledge in the form of a tax-deductible donation towards the establishment of the TT100 research fund.

Successful entrants will get to present their submission to a panel of adjudicators, either a face-to-face or via video conference. Based on these presentations, the panel will select qualifying, finalist and winning organisations that will be announced at the awards function held at the Johannesburg Country Club. The event will be presided over by the Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor.

TT100 participants will benefit from the programme by receiving intensive, customised feedback on how they manage technology, innovation, people and systems. This is intended to help them improve the way they operate their organisations.

Furthermore, participants will become part of the TT100 community by being invited to participate in TT100 events, including business forums held jointly with government and partners involved in promoting business innovation, particularly the Department of Science and Technology.

“To make the best of our resources it’s important that we foster strong and sustainable partnerships between government, universities and industry. This is precisely why the TT100 Awards programme is so valuable,” said Minister Pandor.

More information about the 2017 Da Vinci TT100 Business Innovation Awards can be found here.

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