Telemedicine Africa pioneers telemedicine technologies in Africa. The organisation is driven by the philosophy to provide integrated, multifunctional, scalable and dynamic solutions and products that will improve the provision of care.

Telemedicine Africa’s mission is to provide appropriate eHealth solutions tailored to meet the challenges of the African landscape. They provide their clients with a high-quality alternative to in-house resources for development of policy and strategic plans, building institutional capacity for eHealth, and to provide the necessary training in order to for projects to be sustainable on a local level.

Training is provided to the users of the telemedicine technology to enable skills and knowledge improvement and to maximise the capability of the systems through the people who make use of these facilities. This relates to management, administrative staff and technical staff.

Where Implemented

The first telemedicine project was successfully implemented in Limpopo province with the installation of SUNPA equipment in fourteen public hospitals. The first phase of this project was implemented over a three month period and training workshops were held to increase awareness of the programme and to obtain buy-in from the different users. The project is still ongoing and the Department of Health supports this telemedicine initiative and plans to expand it into a second and third phase.

Hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal have also been equipped with telemedicine capabilities and will be referring cases to the newly established Virtual Telehealth Centre (VTC). At the VTC, a team of General Practitioners, Radiologists and Dermatologists have been gathered to provide professional consultations, reviews and second opinions to remote sites over a telemedicine network

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Telemedicine Africa successfully implemented its first large scale telemedicine project in the Limpopo province, including the provision of training to doctors and nurses.

Telemedicine Africa also conducted a research project for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat where all the Ministries of Health in the SADC countries were visited to assess their e-readiness.

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