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NHI’s Model Conundrum

While the NHI pilot sites are being monitored across the country, it is still unclear what model the system will ultimately follow.

Craig Friderichs - EHN

Dr Craig Friderichs: On Maturing mHealth

Director of Health, Mobile for Development at GSMA, Dr Craig Friderichs, talks about the impact mHealth can have on South Africa’s healthcare landscape.


SIHI Seeks Healthcare Innovators

The SIHI is seeking implemented solutions for improving healthcare delivery around neglected tropical diseases and TB in Africa, Asia and South America.

Samsung - EHN

Samsung Prototypes eHealth Stroke Detector

Samsung engineers have developed an eHealth system that will use a smartphone or tablet to monitor a user’s brain activity to warn of an impending stroke.

Malaria mHealth App- EHN

Malaria Test That Doesn’t Draw Blood

Countless bouts of malaria and a fear of needles led Brian Gitta and his peers to develop Matibabu, a malaria testing app that doesn’t require blood.

Ebola - EHN

SA Medics Join Ebola Frontline

Right to Care has recruited and trained the first round of healthcare professionals to work in Sierra Leone as part of the SA initiative against Ebola.

Ebola Survivor App- EHN

UNICEF Launches Ebola Survivor App

UNICEF has launched an Ebola survivor app that will give survivors in West Africa support to overcome the associated social stigma.

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