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Zika - EHN

SAMRC Joins Global Data Sharing on Zika

SAMRC is one of the leading global health bodies to have committed to sharing data and results relevant to the current Zika crisis.

Ebola - EHN

Rapid-detection Ebola Test Deployed

In the absence of a vaccine or specific treatments for the Ebola virus, early detection is crucial to prevent another epidemic.

Bionic Eye Implant - EHN

UK Performs First Bionic Eye Implant

Surgeons at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital in the UK have performed the world’s first bionic eye implant on a patient with dry AMD.

Ebola - EHN

Ebola Sequencing Data Released Online

A team of British scientists who aim to to curb the further spread of Ebola have released their first dataset of the virus’ genetic structure online.