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Yono - EHN

Yono Wearable Tech Predicts Fertility

Yono Labs have created an in-ear wearable device that promises to help women get pregnant by monitoring their body temperature.


ŌURA Taking Wearables to the Next Level

A Kickstarter campaign is running to fund the latest in innovative wearable biometric tracking devices: ŌURA, the world's first ring-size wellness computer.

Alzheimer’s - EHN

Wearable Tech Takes on Alzheimer’s

Ybrain is developing wearable technology that they believe can slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain disorders.

IBM Watson - EHN

IBM Watson Eyes Medical Images

IBM is planning to advance Watson’s natural language processing (NLP) capabilities by giving Watson ‘eyes’ to review and interpret medical images.

Wearable - EHN

Wearable Scans Blood through Skin

Echo Labs is creating a wearable device that can provide real-time insight into the human body by monitoring and analysing physiological signals.

Medtronic - EHN

Medtronic and Samsung Partner for Diabetes

The world's third largest medical device company, Medtronic, has partnered with Samsung Electronics to improve diabetes management through mHealth.

Study Kit - EHN

Google Study Kit to Collect Health Data

Google is currently testing its latest Study Kit initiative that will enable users to collect and share health information with researchers.

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