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Heart Health - EHN

AHA, IBM Team Up to Tackle Heart Health

The American Heart Association (AHA) is working with IBM Watson and Welltok to create workplace health technology focused on improving heart health.

Wearable - EHN

New Wearable Wants You to Sweat

A new small disposable wearable developed at Berkeley can carry out a detailed analysis of a person’s health just from a tiny sample of their sweat.

Medtronic - EHN

Medtronic App Predicts Diabetic Emergency

Medtronic is developing an app that will use IBM Watson’s cognitive computing power to help diabetics detect hypoglycaemia events before they occur.

Diabetes - EHN

‘Smartphone Pancreas’ Targets Diabetes

Researchers have developed a system to treat Type I diabetes automatically without the need for needles and finger pricks, using a smartphone.

Biometric Tattoos - EHN

Biometric Tattoos Can Track Your Health

A high-tech tattoo designed by Chaotic Moon, a Software Design and Development company based in the US, aims to collect health data directly from the body.


USC ResearchKit App Engages Social Media

The University of Southern California (USC) Center for Body Computing has developed an app that allows users to embed heart rate data into a photo.

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