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iTBra - EHN

New iTBra Detects Breast Cancer

Cyrcadia Health is developing a revolutionary wearable, referred to as iTBra, which can be used as a personal screening tool for breast cancer.

Node - EHN

Node mHealth App to Track Ebola

Researchers at the University of Rochester have developed an mHealth app, called Node, that can be used to track Ebola and other infectious diseases.


NHI’s Model Conundrum

While the NHI pilot sites are being monitored across the country, it is still unclear what model the system will ultimately follow.

IBM Watson - EHN

IBM Watson Invests in eHealth

IBM has invested in Modernizing Medicine as part of their $100 million strategy of accelerating the adoption of Watson cognitive computing in healthcare.

Craig Friderichs - EHN

Dr Craig Friderichs: On Maturing mHealth

Director of Health, Mobile for Development at GSMA, Dr Craig Friderichs, talks about the impact mHealth can have on South Africa’s healthcare landscape.

Telemedicine - EHN

Google Trials Telemedicine

Google is developing its eHealth offering by testing a telemedicine search feature that offers users the ability to set up a video chat with a doctor.

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