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ResApp - EHN

ResApp Can Diagnose Your Cough

ResApp has developed an innovative eHealth app that allows doctors to diagnose an array of respiratory diseases just from a patient’s cough.

Diabetes - EHN

Smart Patch Takes the Stab Out of Diabetes

A new ‘smart’ insulin patch could replace painful insulin injections and revolutionise how people with diabetes monitor and manage their blood sugar levels.

Genomic Cloud - EHN

Call for Global Genomic Cloud

Prominent researchers have called on major funding agencies to commit to establishing a global genomic data commons in the cloud.

Philips - EHN

Philips Debuts mHealth Ultrasound Solution

Royal Philips has unveiled Lumify, its first app-based mHealth solution that will enable healthcare professionals to easily carry out an ultrasound.

BrainPort - EHN

BrainPort Lets You “See” with Your Tongue

Wisconsin-based Wicab Inc recently got approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its oral vision aid device, BrainPort V100 in the US.

Global Awards - EHN

Global Awards Adds eHealth Category

The 2015 Global Awards World's Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising competition is currently open for entries for an array of categories.

iTBra - EHN

New iTBra Detects Breast Cancer

Cyrcadia Health is developing a revolutionary wearable, referred to as iTBra, which can be used as a personal screening tool for breast cancer.

Node - EHN

Node mHealth App to Track Ebola

Researchers at the University of Rochester have developed an mHealth app, called Node, that can be used to track Ebola and other infectious diseases.

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