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Kidenga App - EHN

Kidenga App Uses Crowdsourcing to Fight Zika

Researchers from the University of Arizona have released the crowdsourcing Kidenga app designed to track the Zika virus before an outbreak happens.

3D Printed Synthetic Bone - EHN

3D Printed Synthetic Bone Fixes Fractures

Engineers at North-western University in the US have successfully treated broken spines and skulls in animals using 3D printed synthetic bone.

HemaApp - EHN

HemaApp Digitises Screening for Anaemia

The University of Washington has developed the HemaApp, an app which uses a smartphone camera to measure haemoglobin levels and screen for anaemia.

Flare - EHN

Connecting Patients to Ambulances with Flare

Capsule Ltd. has developed an app, called Flare, which aims to make Kenya’s siloed and privately run ambulance service more accessible to patients.

Chrono - EHN

mHealth Tool Helps Smokers Kick the Habit

Chrono Therapeutics has developed a digital platform that combines a smart patch, timed drug delivery and online support to help smokers quit the habit. - EHN Solving Rural Telemedicine has developed a platform that can offer a reliable telemedicine service even if there’s poor bandwidth or unstable cellular connections.

TreatMD - EHN

TreatMD Redefining On-Demand Healthcare

TreatMD has launched its international on-demand healthcare platform to facilitate interactive telemedicine consultations between patients and providers.

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