AAT eHealthNews
AAT – Supplier Profile

Always Active Technologies (AAT) is a Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) whose mission is to further entrench mobile technologies into communities as an empowering tool for information dissemination. AAT has positioned […]

FOLUP eHealthNews
FOLUP – Supplier Profile

FOLUP is a communication and health management platform that allows patients to participate actively to gather their health data in a single, personalised hub – either self-reported or automatically gathered […]

UC-Wireless eHealthNews
UC-Wireless – Supplier Profile

UC-Wireless specialises in the distribution of integrated wireless communication systems with a complete offering for the healthcare vertical. UC-Wireless solutions are certified integrations of middleware, wireless phones and communication consoles […]

Mobenzi eHealthNews
Mobenzi – Supplier Profile

Mobenzi provides technology and professional services to organisations involved in research, data collection, logistics and community service delivery. Mobenzi offers two mobile platforms: Mobenzi Researcher and Mobenzi Outreach.   Mobenzi […]

BroadReach eHealth News
BroadReach – Supplier Profile

BroadReach Healthcare (BRHC) is a global healthcare solutions company that provides consulting, implementation and programme management services. BRHC is dedicated to expanding access to healthcare services across the globe through […]

Greenfield Management Solutions - EHN
Greenfield – Supplier Profile

Greenfield is a professional services consultancy with a special interest in projects that enhance service delivery in Africa. Greenfield’s solution-focused approach identifies opportunities for tangible and sustainable service strengthening. Greenfield […]

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