Fortinet eHealthNews
Fortinet – Supplier Profile

Fortinet is a global leader and innovator in Network Security. Their mission is to deliver an innovative, high performing network security platform to secure and simplify organisations’ IT infrastructure. Fortinet […]

Mezzanine eHealthNews
Mezzanine – Supplier Profile

Mezzanine uses the power of mobile technology to enable businesses and organisations working in Africa to mitigate risks, address challenges and unlock opportunities. Mezzanine is the market leader in the […]

HealthQ eHealthNews
HealthQ – Supplier Profile

HealthQ Technologies is a high-tech start-up company combining skills from various disciplines to provide solutions in the digital health and wellness space. The company strives to create an environment where experts from […]

DocDiary eHealthNews
DocDiary – Supplier Profile

DocDiary is a state-of-the-art online appointment booking and schedule management system that is used by medical practitioners and is accessible by patients. DocDiary is a universal system that allows all […]

Anova Health eHealthNews
Anova – Supplier Profile

The Anova Health Institute, Anova, is a leading partner in capacity building and the provision of technical support to the Department of Health (DoH), with a reputation for innovative responses […]

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