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30 Day Health - EHN

30 Day Health – Supplier Profile

30 Day Health is a health tech startup that provides on-demand healthcare services through their Care Delivery app.

@POPIcompliance - EHN

@POPIcompliance – Supplier Profile

@POPIcompliance provides information, tools and a community to help organisations comply with South African privacy legislation.

A-Z of Medicines - EHN

A-Z of Medicines – Supplier Profile

A-Z of Medicines provides intelligent, integrated, individualised medicines information solutions for variable platforms from a fully normalised database.

A2D24 - EHN

A2D24 – Supplier Profile

A2D24 is a tech startup whose mission is to help solve the world’s toughest challenges using technology.


AAT – Supplier Profile

AAT is a WASP whose mission is to further entrench mobile technologies into communities as an empowering tool for information dissemination.

Abela Africa - EHN

Abela Africa – Supplier Profile

Abela Africa strives to bridge the gap between first and third world healthcare by delivering modern medical technology directly to the market.

Acfee - EHN

Acfee – Supplier Profile

Acfee believes in, and supports, eHealth’s role in transforming and strengthening African healthcare systems.


AHASA – Supplier Profile

AHASA is the only professional body specialising in regulating and improving the nursing and healthcare Temporary Employment Services (TES) in South Africa.

Anova - EHN

Anova – Supplier Profile

Anova is a leading partner in capacity building and the provision of technical support to the Department of Health.

Aviro - EHN

Aviro – Supplier Profile

Aviro wants to redesign approaches to healthcare in Africa by creating tools and products that change the way we think about medical intervention.

BroadReach - EHN

BroadReach – Supplier Profile

BroadReach Healthcare is a global healthcare solutions company that provides consulting, implementation and programme management services.

CareChamp -EHN

CareChamp – Supplier Profile

CareChamp offers flexible and transparent short or long-term solutions for people in need of care in their own home.

Cell-Life - EHN

Cell-Life – Supplier Profile

Cell-Life is a non-profit organisation that offers technology-based solutions for the management of health in developing countries.

CenHealth - EHN

CenHealth – Supplier Profile

CenHealth is a health technology solutions company that specialises in providing digital personal health records and mHealth solutions.

Datacentrix - EHN

Datacentrix – Supplier Profile

Datacentrix is a complete ICT systems integrator that provides solutions and managed services to enterprises in South Africa.

Dimagi - EHN

Dimagi – Supplier Profile

Dimagi is a fast-growing leader in mobile technology for frontline workers in low-resource settings.

DNA Logic - EHN

DNA Logic – Supplier Profile

DNA Logic represents two global market leading companies in South Africa, Swisslog and Rowa.

DocDiary - EHN

DocDiary – Supplier Profile

DocDiary is an online appointment booking and schedule management system that is used by medical practitioners and is accessible by patients.


EMC – Supplier Profile

EMC is a global leader in enabling healthcare providers and healthcare service providers to transform their operations.


FOLUP – Supplier Profile

FOLUP is a communication and health management platform that allows patients to participate actively to gather their health data.

Fortinet - EHN

Fortinet – Supplier Profile

Fortinet's mission is to deliver an innovative, high performing network security platform to secure and simplify organisations’ IT infrastructure.

Grapevine - EHN

Grapevine – Supplier Profile

Grapevine is a leading mobile integrator that specialises in delivering mobile engagement services, solutions and applications.

Health-Soft - EHN

Health-Soft – Supplier Profile

Health-Soft specialises in developing quality applications and innovative electronic solutions for professionals within the healthcare industry.

Healthbridge - EHN

Healthbridge – Supplier Profile

Healthbridge exchanges information between the different role players in the South African healthcare industry.

HealthDocs - EHN

HealthDocs – Supplier Profile

HealthDocs is South Africa’s leading provider of medical practice support systems and patient engagement platforms.

HealthEnabled - EHN

HealthEnabled – Supplier Profile

HealthEnabled (formally mHELP) is a non-profit organisation that engages national & global partners to support the effective use of technologies for health.

HealthQ - EHN

HealthQ – Supplier Profile

HealthQ Technologies is a start-up company combining skills from various disciplines to provide solutions in the digital health and wellness space.

HealthSpace - EHN

Healthspace – Supplier Profile

Healthspace is an interactive online medical portal that brings patients and healthcare professionals together to improve healthcare in South Africa.

hearScreen - EHN

hearScreen – Supplier Profile

hearScreen is a low-cost hearing screening solution that transforms a smartphone into a calibrated audiometric screening device.


HIFA – Supplier Profile

Healthcare Information for All (HIFA) is a global campaign that seeks to save the lives of adults and children in low- and middle-income countries.

info4africa - EHN

info4africa – Supplier Profile

info4africa is a national data collection agency specialising in the fields of health, wellbeing and development.

InterSystems - EHN

InterSystems – Supplier Profile

InterSystems has a range of technologies and applications which are used by leading institutions around the world.


JAC – Supplier Profile

JAC provides pharmacy stock control, e-prescribing and medicines administration as a single integrated solution.

Jembi - EHN

Jembi – Supplier Profile

Jembi is a non-profit company based in South Africa focusing on the development of eHealth and strengthening HIS in developing countries.

LifeQube - EHN

LifeQube – Supplier Profile

LifeQube aims to adapt mobile technologies to create sustainable mHealth solutions in the developing world to improve healthcare and utility services.

LookSee.Do - EHN

LookSee.Do – Supplier Profile

LookSee.Do provides solutions around low bandwidth video, augmented reality & virtual reality that enable remote maintenance of high-tech medical equipment.

m2Health - EHN

m2Health – Supplier Profile

m2Health develops, distributes and supports mHealth technologies to improve access to affordable healthcare for all communities.


MACH4 – Supplier Profile

MACH4 GmbH of Germany is the world's leading manufacturer of automated medicine management, storage, handling and dispensing robotic systems.

Manorama - EHN

Manorama Infosolutions – Supplier Profile

Manorama Infosolutions is the developer of Lifeline Suite, a Global Compliance ERP consisting of more than 45 modules for multi-specialty hospitals.

MDG Health Solutions - EHN

MDG Health Solutions – Supplier Profile

MDG Health Solutions is a medical technology company focused on providing innovative solutions to help healthcare providers meet the MDGs.

Med-e-Mass - EHN

Med-e-Mass – Supplier Profile

Med-e-Mass offers clinical and financial management software solutions and related services for modern day applications in the healthcare industry.

MediKredit - EHN

MediKredit – Supplier Profile

MediKredit offers financial and clinical risk management solutions to both funders and providers of healthcare.

Medinol - EHN

Medinol – Supplier Profile

Better Practice Management’s Medinol Practice Management System allows for the capturing, processing, submission and management of healthcare claims.

MediSwitch - EHN

MediSwitch – Supplier Profile

MediSwitch provides robust and effective electronic claims switching solutions between healthcare professionals and medical schemes.

Meditech - EHN

MEDITECH – Supplier Profile

MEDITECH South Africa provides integrated software solutions to meet the information needs of healthcare organisations.

Mezzanine - EHN

Mezzanine – Supplier Profile

Mezzanine is the market leader in the development of mobile business solutions for Africa.

Mobenzi - EHN

Mobenzi – Supplier Profile

Mobenzi provides technology and professional services to organisations involved in research, data collection, logistics and community service delivery.

Mobilium - EHN

Mobilium – Supplier Profile

Mobilium is a mobile and wireless applications company that provides platforms, applications and specialised mobile technologies to specialised sectors.

MobiMedia - EHN

MobiMedia – Supplier Profile

MobiMedia is a ‘mobile first’ focused company dedicated to creating and providing workable digital solutions for smartphones and feature phones.

Oticon - EHN

Oticon – Supplier Profile

Based on passion, dedication and professional expertise, Oticon designs and manufactures hearing aids for both adults and children.

PPO Serve - EHN

PPO Serve – Supplier Profile

PPO Serve aims to drive a shift in private healthcare from a fragmented, fee-for-service care model to a value-based model.

Prof Portal Africa - EHN

Prof Portal Africa – Supplier Profile

Prof Portal Africa (PPA) is a learner management system that provides a library of learning opportunities for all South African healthcare providers.

RecoMed - EHN

RecoMed – Supplier Profile

RecoMed is an intelligent, easy-to-use and powerful online platform for healthcare practitioners and their patients.

Right to Care

Right to Care – Supplier Profile

Right to Care is a non-profit organisation that supports and delivers prevention, care and treatment services for HIV and associated diseases.


SAP – Supplier Profile

SAP is a global leader in business software solutions. SAP’s healthcare solutions are designed to deliver data-driven, value-based, personalised care.

Sebrio - EHN

Sebrio – Supplier Profile

Sebrio Consulting is a software development and systems integration company with diverse skill and a focus on Healthcare IT Systems.

SmartPrac - EHN

SmartPrac – Supplier Profile

SmartPrac is practice management software that provides easy invoicing, simple expense tracking and top of the line security.

Telemedicine Africa - EHN

Telemedicine Africa – Supplier Profile

Telemedicine Africa’s mission is to provide appropriate eHealth solutions tailored to meet the challenges of the African landscape.


TOMPSA – Supplier Profile

TOMPSA actively seeks engagement with other experts in healthcare and technology to create high impact solutions that change the system.

TriFour Health - EHN

TriFour Health – Supplier Profile

TriFour Health is a South African based IT Company that specialises in the implementation and support of healthcare and HIS in Africa.

TrustaTag - EHN

TrustaTAG – Supplier Profile

TrustaTAG provides unique TAGs printed on packs allowing consumers to use mobile phones to scan and receive detailed healthcare product information.

UC-Wireless - EHN

UC-Wireless – Supplier Profile

UC-Wireless specialises in the distribution of integrated wireless communication systems with a complete offering for the healthcare vertical.

UDoTest - EHN

UDoTest – Supplier Profile

UDoTest provides the latest in accepted and safe self-sample pathology tests that are as accurate as the methods typically employed in and out of hospitals.

Vitls - EHN

Vitls – Supplier Profile

Vitls enables healthcare providers to continuously and remotely monitor a patient’s vital signs reliably and undisturbed.

VP Health Systems - EHN

VP Health Systems – Supplier Profile

VP Health Systems is an African software development company specialising in the provision of practical, easy to use applications.