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Medisafe - EHN

Medisafe Helps Track Medication Adherence

Medisafe has announced the launch of Medisafe Providers™, a new system that enables physicians to track their patients’ medication adherence between visits.

mHealth - EHN

mHealth Evaluation Framework Developed

A research team have developed a framework for evaluating mHealth apps for their patient engagement potential, quality and safety.

mHealth4Afrika - EHN

mHealth4Afrika Takes on Maternal Health

mHealth4Afrika has received a €3 million Horizon 2020 grant to create an app for managing patient information within the public healthcare sector.

Health Advisor - EHN

Health Advisor Boosts mHealth in Kenya

Health Advisor is harnessing the power of mHealth to improve access to medical professionals and to promote the distribution of health information in Kenya.

Merck - EHN

Merck Launches Diabetes mHealth Programme

Merck has launched the Diabetes Online Risk Assessment (DORA) programme that supports diabetes patients through screening, diagnosis and treatment.

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