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Healthymize - EHN

Healthymize App Listens for COPD

Israeli mHealth startup, Healthymize, has developed an app that monitors a person’s voice and breathing pattern to identify COPD.

Colorectal Cancer - EHN

New eHealth Tool Flags Colorectal Cancer

Israeli Medial EarlySign has developed an algorithm platform that can accurately identify patients who are at high risk of having colorectal cancer.

Electronic Tattoo - EHN

Electronic Tattoo Maps Emotions

Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have developed a temporary electronic tattoo that can measure muscle activity and nerve cells.

Acne - EHN

MD Algorithms Develops Acne Selfie App

Israel-based mHealth start-up, MD Algorithms, has developed an app designed to help people better understand the cause of and to treat their acne.

Lung Cancer - EHN

eHealth Startup Boosts Lung Cancer Survival

A report has found that patients with lung cancer who used a web-based app to report their symptoms lived longer than those getting standard care.

HelpAroud - EHN

HelpAround Launches Alert App on Apple Watch

HelpAround, the Israeli creator of the Diabetes Helpers peer-to-peer support network and the Alert app for iOS devices, has announced Alert for Apple Watch.

TraumaCad - EHN

Orthopaedic Surgeons Get Hip With TraumaCad

The FDA has approved Brainlab's mHealth app, TraumaCad, as a tool to assist orthopaedic surgeons with pre-operative planning for hip replacement surgery.

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