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Electronic Tattoo - EHN

Electronic Tattoo Maps Emotions

Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have developed a temporary electronic tattoo that can measure muscle activity and nerve cells.

Acne - EHN

MD Algorithms Develops Acne Selfie App

Israel-based mHealth start-up, MD Algorithms, has developed an app designed to help people better understand the cause of and to treat their acne.

Lung Cancer - EHN

eHealth Startup Boosts Lung Cancer Survival

A report has found that patients with lung cancer who used a web-based app to report their symptoms lived longer than those getting standard care.

HelpAroud - EHN

HelpAround Launches Alert App on Apple Watch

HelpAround, the Israeli creator of the Diabetes Helpers peer-to-peer support network and the Alert app for iOS devices, has announced Alert for Apple Watch.

TraumaCad - EHN

Orthopaedic Surgeons Get Hip With TraumaCad

The FDA has approved Brainlab's mHealth app, TraumaCad, as a tool to assist orthopaedic surgeons with pre-operative planning for hip replacement surgery.

Hello Heart - EHN

Hello Heart App Beats the Rest

Hello Heart allows users with chronic heart conditions to monitor their heart rate and understand related medical information in a new sophisticated way.