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Helen Zille - EHN

Helen Zille: From Healthcare to Wellness

Premier Helen Zille addressed the last Public Private Health Forum of the year to promote partnerships between public and private entities.

3D Printing - EHN

3D Printing the Future of Medicines

UK scientists are patenting a new 3D printing system that could save the NHS millions of pounds on mass-produced medicines.


Philips Announce COPD eHealth Solution

Philips have announced the release of a new eHealth wearable diagnostic device that will record biometric data of people suffering from COPD.

Telemedicine - EHN

Google Trials Telemedicine

Google is developing its eHealth offering by testing a telemedicine search feature that offers users the ability to set up a video chat with a doctor.

Cisco - EHN

Cisco Unveils Telehealth Tech to SA

Cisco will demonstrate how its Care-at-a-Distance technology can improve healthcare in SA at the My World of Tomorrow tech expo.

Facebook Healthcare - EHN

Facebook Likes Healthcare

Facebook is expected to incorporate healthcare by creating online "support communities" that would connect Facebook users suffering from various ailments.

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