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Ebola - EHN

Sierra Leone Prepares for Ebola RST Rollout

Healthcare personnel in Sierra Leone have undertaken a two day training session focusing on the use of Orasure’s OraQuick Ebola Rapid Screening Test.

Ebola - EHN

Rapid-detection Ebola Test Deployed

In the absence of a vaccine or specific treatments for the Ebola virus, early detection is crucial to prevent another epidemic.

Safe Delivery App - EHN

mHealth Delivers Maternal Safety App

The Safe Delivery App is a new mHealth training tool that aims to help save the lives of mothers & new-born babies during pregnancy & childbirth in Africa.

Ebola - EHN

SA Medics Join Ebola Frontline

Right to Care has recruited and trained the first round of healthcare professionals to work in Sierra Leone as part of the SA initiative against Ebola.

Ebola Survivor App- EHN

UNICEF Launches Ebola Survivor App

UNICEF has launched an Ebola survivor app that will give survivors in West Africa support to overcome the associated social stigma.

Ebola - EHN

Western Cape Prepared for Ebola

The Western Cape DoH held a press conference about their readiness to deal with Ebola and presented the isolation ward at Tygerberg Hospital.

Tier.Net eHealthNews

Tier.Net Gets Global Interest

Tier.Net, the eHealth software application that monitors patients on HIV and TB treatment, is being implemented internationally.