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Vanessa Carter - EHN

Prescribing Social Media for Doctors

A quick Q&A with Vanessa Carter to find out why and how doctors can leverage social media for their benefit and the benefit of patients.

Study Watch - EHN

Verily Unveils Study Watch Wearable

Verily has unveiled a new wearable, called the Verily Study Watch, which is desgined to collect rich and complex datasets during clinical trials.

Diabetes - EHN

eHealth Driving Diabetes Management

There has been upsurge of electronic solutions being developed to educate and help patients better manage diabetes outside of a healthcare setting.

Health Chatbot - EHN

Baidu Launches Melody the Health Chatbot

China’s largest online search engine, Baidu, has launched an AI health chatbot that can answer medical questions and suggest diagnoses in real-time. - EHN Solving Rural Telemedicine has developed a platform that can offer a reliable telemedicine service even if there’s poor bandwidth or unstable cellular connections.

Genetic Testing - EHN

Google Drives Routine Genetic Testing

To make genetic testing a routine part of patient care, Stanford University will soon launch its Clinical Genomics Service, powered by Google Genomics.

Bioelectronics - EHN

GSK and Google Bioelectronic Medicines

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is joining forces with Google’s life sciences unit, Verily, to create a new company called, Galvani Bioelectronics.

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