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Medtronic - EHN

Medtronic App Predicts Diabetic Emergency

Medtronic is developing an app that will use IBM Watson’s cognitive computing power to help diabetics detect hypoglycaemia events before they occur.

Diabetes - EHN

‘Smartphone Pancreas’ Targets Diabetes

Researchers have developed a system to treat Type I diabetes automatically without the need for needles and finger pricks, using a smartphone.

HelpAroud - EHN

HelpAround Launches Alert App on Apple Watch

HelpAround, the Israeli creator of the Diabetes Helpers peer-to-peer support network and the Alert app for iOS devices, has announced Alert for Apple Watch.

mHealth - EHN

mHealth Mobilising Healthcare in Africa

Chief Officer at Vodacom Business, Vuyani Jarana, explains how mHealth and mobile technology can address some of the biggest health challenges in Africa.

Smart Contact Lens - EHN

Smart Contact Lens Set for Human Trials

Google and Novartis are reportedly ready to start testing their ‘smart’ lens designed to correct vision for people with presbyopia in human trials in 2016.

Philips - EHN

Philips Announce Diabetes mHealth Platform

Philips has unveiled a new "connected digital health prototype" that's intended to help type I diabetics manage their health and connect with caregivers.


Start-up Develops STD Testing Ring

Ernesto Rodríguez Leal has developed a new device that rapidly and painlessly diagnoses STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and trichomoniasis.

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