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Fitbit - EHN

Fitbit Prescribed for Clinical Trials

Researchers are using Fitbit in 21 clinical trials to focus on a wide range of health conditions, including diabetes, cancer, cystic fibrosis and arthritis.

IBM Watson - EHN

IBM Watson Tackles Rare Paediatric Disease

IBM Watson and Boston Children's Hospital are helping clinicians identify possible options for the diagnosis and treatment of rare paediatric diseases.

D3 - EHN

D3 mHealth Device Speeds Up Cancer Detection

A team at Massachusetts General Hospital have developed an mHealth device, called D3 , which can quickly diagnose cancer to drive faster treatment.

ResearchKit - EHN

Three New ResearchKit Studies Kick Off

Apple's ResearchKit will be used by researchers from three leading US universities to carry out new research studies on autism, epilepsy and melanoma.

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