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Commed - EHN

Commed Members Moving to Bonitas

Due to Community Medical Aid Scheme (Commed) experiencing financial difficulties, from today Commed members will be moved to Bonitas Medical Fund.

Bonitas - EHN

Bonitas Wins ICON Brands Survey

For the second year in succession Bonitas Medical Fund has been announced the winner of the Medical Aid category in the ICON Brands Survey, run by TGI.

Dilip Naran - EHN

Dilip Naran: On SA’s Readiness for EHRs

General Manager of Product & Development at Med-e-Mass, Dilip Naran, talks about the uptake of EHRs and why now is the time for doctors to embrace them.

Medical Aid Fraud - EHN

Counting the Costs of Medical Aid Fraud

Acting Principal Officer of Bonitas, Gerhard Van Emmenis, explains how fraud, waste and abuse are the biggest contributors to escalating healthcare costs.

Gap Cover - EHN

Minding the Gap (Cover)

Acting Principal Officer of Bonitas, Gerhard Van Emmenis, talks about Demarcation Regulations, what they mean and the future impact for policyholders.

Bonitas - EHN

Bonitas Wins Kasi Star Brand Award

Bonitas Medical Fund has won the Medical Aid category in the Kasi Star Brand Awards, which is run by Ask Africa through The Target Group Index (TGI).

Bonitas - EHN

Don’t Misjudge Generics

Acting Chief Operating Officer for Bonitas Medical Fund, Kenneth Marion, explains how generics could save consumers & medical aids millions of rands a year.

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