US-based wearable tech developer, Striiv, and LifeQ have announced their programme to jointly develop a high-scale, low-friction and personalised health information platform for the corporate wellness, insurance, care provider and pharmaceutical industries.

This partnership combines Striiv’s expertise in sensor integration and cost-effective hardware design with LifeQ’s unique on-device and cloud based analytics and modelling to deliver a suite of health information streams.

Together, Striiv and LifeQ will deliver a solution that removes the two major barriers to a scaled health information platform: lack of quality biometric information and up-front technology and programme costs.

Striiv has already made significant advancements in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. The company’s devices are integral components of programmes run by Tier-1 Pharma, Insurance and Pharmacies.

LifeQ is dedicated to promoting the proliferation of health information to enhance quality of life globally, empowering people to redefine the way they engage with their own unique physiology and health.

Building on the technical depth of Striiv’s wearable platforms, the two companies will combine expertise to deliver wearable devices that extract maximum relevant physiological data, with minimum friction for the user, at previously unavailable unit economics – redefining the standards for performance, utility and cost.

The joint offering will open a gateway to a richer health information ecosystem, combining the expertise of relevant companies linking to the LifeQ Platform, to provide end-to-end solutions that can be scaled across insurance, wellness and pharmaceutical industries.

“Striiv is the first wearable company we’ve met where our skills and vision are so complementary and aligned. Striiv’s device and sensor know-how will further enable the LifeQ platform to accelerate the rollout of personalised health information, and we are incredibly excited at the potential for this partnership”, said President and Co-Founder of LifeQ, Dr Riaan Conradie.

“LifeQ’s deep expertise and scale in systems biology driven analytics and modelling are ideally suited to provide critical insights for risk stratification and early intervention with our catalogue of data capture platforms.  We’re delighted to team up with LifeQ to accelerate the adoption biometric and behavioural data in driving better outcomes and at scale,” concluded Founding CEO at Striiv, David Wang.

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