Sebrio Consulting is a software development and systems integration company with diverse skill and a focus on Healthcare IT Systems.

Sebrio is well positioned to assist both public and private institutions in achieving interoperability and improving patient care.

From application development through to HL7 messaging and IHE standards, Sebrio is an industry expert in the integration, management and expansion of Health IT Systems.

Where implemented

Sebrio was founded in Cape Town in 2005. As a respected partner of InterSystems Technologies, Sebrio has worked on many large health integration projects throughout the world. They are currently active on four continents.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Through various partners, Sebrio has extensive knowledge of the systems, processes and challenges faced by SA eHealth professionals. With a commitment to improving healthcare, both at home and internationally, Sebrio is seeking partnerships in both the public and private sectors where the skill and experience earned during a decade of international engagement can be used to improve South African patient care.

An established organisation built through a commitment to integrity, client service and quality software solutions, Sebrio actively seeks companies facing software challenges. Delivering practical, efficient and agile software solutions is Sebrio’s passion.

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