Nokia and OP Financial Group, one of the largest financial companies in Finland, are running a Blockchain pilot to give Nokia users more control over their personal health data.

The pilot is focusing on how Nokia’s Blockchain platform can provide users with privacy and by giving them full control over their health data – how their data is shared, who can access it, and how it can be used.

“Any data that the users decide to share are encrypted, and can only be read by the intended participant on the platform — in this case OP. The decision of the user to share their data, together with proof of authenticity of the data coming from a valid device (in this case the Nokia Steel HR) is what would become visible to the rest of participating organisations,” said Senior Researcher at Nokia, Enrique Martin-Lopez, in a blog post.

As part of the pilot the 100 participants’ daily steps and sleep hours, which are recorded through Nokia wearables, are stored and shared through the pilot’s app using Blockchain technology. OP then rewards the participants with points depending on how they have done towards achieving their fitness goals.

The pilot is essentially seeking to explore the possibilities of incentive models, such as smart health insurances and work health programmes for promoting healthy living.

“We’re excited about the collaboration with Nokia. It is great to see Blockchain applied to something that needs trust. This pilot is quite literally a prime example of the technologies we’ll use in the future, combined innovatively to create value,” said Head of OP Lab at OP Financial Group, Kristian Luoma.

“Providing personal advice on health data, as well as extracting useful insights on global health issues will only become possible with trust from users. Nokia’s Blockchain platform addresses these issues by design. We expect this collaboration with OP to be a step towards a global digital health ecosystem that benefits both individuals and society,” concluded Martin-Lopez.

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