Mobilium Global Limited is an international mobile and wireless applications company that provides platforms, applications and specialised mobile technologies to specialised sectors. Clients include the mobile health and wellness industry as well as a range of other companies around the world.

With deep experience and specialisation in the mobile medical and wireless and connected health field, Mobilium is also a key member of the advisory board of the international Wireless Life Sciences Alliance.

Where Implemented

Mobilium serves clients in over 60 countries on six continents, including the BRIC-A nations, and places a huge emphasis on trans-cultural intelligence. Mobilium is a leader in mobile strategic advisory and determining the latest apps, software and devices in the fast emerging mobile market.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Mobilium recently launched Smart Health as a free downloadable app to promote health and wellness among users in South Africa and six other African countries. The application is designed to provide an accurate baseline information resource on HIV/AIDS,TB and malaria, as well as provide information on a number of ancillary topics, such as injection safety. The new version of the Smart Health app will be preloaded on Samsung handsets across Africa and will provide information on new topics such as fake medication and pre and post-natal care.

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