Mezzanine uses the power of mobile technology to enable businesses and organisations working in Africa to mitigate risks, address challenges and unlock opportunities. Mezzanine is the market leader in the development of mobile business solutions for Africa.

Where Implemented

Mezzanine has an established track-record in Sub-Saharan Africa and currently supports commercial deployments in South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Mezzanine delivers access to a range of mobile business services by leveraging the communication infrastructure made available by mobile network companies across Africa. Partnering with the in-country mobile network companies allows Mezzanine to deliver enterprise services beyond those available from traditional ICT systems.

Mezzanine is network (carrier) agnostic. This unique value configuration enables them to deliver client specific workforce-, stock-, work flow and customer management services across several verticals, including health.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Mezzanine views mobile technology as the single most important enabler in growing the African economy. To this extent they have commenced with the development and deployment of a Mobile Business Platform called ‘helium‘,  a centralised mobile and enterprise service environment that enables their clients with the deployment of vertical specific, such as eHealth solutions. Once a solution is deployed on the platform authorised users can securely access it via the web (HTML5), a native application on a mobile phone, USSD or SMS.

In healthcare, Mezzanine has provided solutions in workforce management, stock management, community/home care management and patient management.

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