MediKredit is an independent technology company that offers financial and clinical risk management solutions to both funders and providers of healthcare, through online real-time (OLRT) management of healthcare transactions.

MediKredit develops smart technology that processes transactions, extracts data and assesses the risks involved in running any healthcare operation. MediKredit offers five healthcare solutions: Healthcare Claims Management (a real-time claims processing tool), HealthNet ST SmartSwitch (a smart switching program), Business Intelligence (robust data analysis technology), NAPPI (the industry claiming standard) and Swift Online (e-management care).

Where Implemented

Depending on the product, MediKredit services the claims-processing needs of between 1 million and 7 million of the 8.5 million health-insured lives in South Africa. In the Public Health sector, MediKredit process claims for uninsured lives as well. MediKredit’s functionality caters for all healthcare claim types, which include pharmacy, doctor, private and public hospital claims.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

MediKredit was one of the pioneers that changed the face of healthcare processing in South Africa by moving from a paper-based environment to an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) one, where medical claims are received electronically in a real-time environment.

The MediKredit system is compatible with all systems and protocols, and is able to receive and exchange data with most operating systems. Having established MediKredit as the processor of choice within the South African healthcare market, focus has been placed on building strategic relationships with business partners offshore where the healthcare environment is similar to that of South Africa.

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