MDG Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a medical technology company focused on providing innovative solutions to help healthcare providers meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The company’s core products include mobile health platforms, molecular diagnostics transport technology, incinerators and modular construction technology.

Where Implemented

MDG Health Solutions distributes and provides service support to the Health Care Provider industry in providing mobile clinics, molecular diagnostics, waste incineration equipment and modular construction materials that it supplies to Ministries of Health, private hospital groups and Non-Governmental Organisations in the African region.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

MDG Health Solutions believes in the practice of proactive medicine to diagnose medical disease in the early stages of development leading to improved chances of treatment, reduced overall treatment costs and the increase of the quality of life for the affected people.

MDG Health Solutions provides the technology to enable Health Care Providers to access and manage patients in the early stages of disease: Patients who would usually put off a visit to a doctor due to factors such as the inconvenience of travel or financial costs.

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