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LifeQube aims to adapt mobile technologies to create sustainable mHealth solutions in the developing world to improve healthcare and utility services.

LifeQube - EHN

LifeQube, the eHealth R&D division of LifeSense Group, aims to improve healthcare and utility services through ICT and the use of internet based cellular technology.

Where implemented

Based in Johannesburg, LifeQube was launched in 2010 as a solution for LifeSense Group subsidiaries, LifeAssist and LifeSense Disease Management, to manage their patients by building and maintaining central patient records according to standards. Since then LifeQube has worked across traditional boundaries to make meaningful progress in addressing common healthcare issues in the developing world.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

LifeQube’s flagship product, the MobiQube-LifeQube platform, is a mobile-driven Primary Healthcare Clinic Management System that is tightly integrated with a web-based E.R.P Management Platform.

The platform is able to uniquely identify and capture basic patient information as well as allow the healthcare users to capture a diagnosis and corresponding treatment for each patient.

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