Today Paris-based healthcare startup, Lifeina, is launching an Indiegogo campaign to facilitate the production of their mini-fridge, LifeinaBox.

LifeinaBox allows users to keep their heat-sensitive medication such as insulin, growth hormones, arthritis or multiple sclerosis (MS) medications, at exactly the right temperature while travelling.

CEO of Lifeina, Uwe Diegel, developed the idea for LifeinaBox over a decade ago following a scare his brother, Olaf, had with his diabetes medicine while travelling. Due to miscommunication, Olaf’s insulin was accidently put into a hotel’s freezer instead of the fridge. Although Olaf was able to avert a tragedy by purchasing fresh insulin from a nearby night pharmacy, he realised how dangerous such a situation could be without backup options available. After relaying his experience to Uwe the idea for a personal, portable fridge was born.

The pair started designing a prototype of the portable fridge which went on to win an industrial design contest run by NASA in the US as well as an award at the Concours Lépine in Paris in 2005. Over the past few years the prototype has undergone further development that allows it to remain charged for up to 24 hours before it needs to be recharged.

Once on market, LifeinaBox will also have an accompanying app. According to Uwe, the app will connect to LifeinaBox via Bluetooth and display in real-time the temperature of medications and also send reminders to improve adherence to medication schedules.

“We need your help to go into production. We have spent the last couple of years doing research to make a perfect product for you. We have sweated tears and blood and have given our passion, our expertise, our energy to come to this point. We now need support to go into full production,” said Uwe in a LinkedIn post.

The LifeinaBox Indiegogo campaign will run for a month in the hope of raising at least $50,000 for production. Campaign perks for backers range from donating $20, which will be used to donate the final product to a juvenile MS foundation, to $800, which in return backers will receive four LifeinaBox mini-fridges. The estimated delivery date is June 2018.

The LifeinaBox Indiegogo campaign can be viewed here.

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