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Johnson & Johnson Partners with Unjani Clinics NPC

Johnson & Johnson has announced a new partnership with Unjani Clinics NPC to help improve primary healthcare services in low-income communities. 

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International healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson, has announced a new partnership with non-profit company Unjani Clinics NPC to help improve primary healthcare services in low-income communities.

Through the new partnership, Johnson & Johnson will offer financial support as well as much needed resources to the Unjani Clinic network.

Unjani Clinics NPC was launched in 2010 with the aim of empowering black women by creating entrepreneurial opportunities for professional nurses.

Each clinic is donated to a nurse in the community of her choice after successful completion of the application and selection processes.

“Once the selection process has been completed, the NPC awards an Unjani Clinic infrastructure, equipment, content, etcetera to the professional nurse,” CEO of Unjani, Lynda Toussaint, told the Mail and Guardian.

“She operates as a sole proprietor — owning and operating the primary healthcare clinic business. She is self-employed and also employs two other people from the community,” continued Toussaint.

Unjani provides back-end support such as logistics, supply chain, pricing and supplier services, as well as training and mentoring to ensure that each nurse has the necessary tools to own and operate a sustainable business.

There are currently 20 clinics nation-wide, the newest one being in Atteridgeville, Pretoria, which offer primary healthcare services to up to 50 patients a day at a rate of between R150 to R180 per consultation, including medication.

As the clinics are strategically situated at the heart of communities, they are helping to alleviate the over-burdened and under resourced public health system daily. According to Toussaint, the service takes a huge strain off government health institutions such as day clinics.

Unjani Clinics NPC plans to expand their network to 25 clinics by June 2016.

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