Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc. have launched a connected digital Health Partner platform that is intended to help motivate patients to prepare and recover from knee, hip or weight loss surgery.

The Health Partner platform can help patients prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for surgery, and connects them with their healthcare team to help ensure customised, real-time care.

The platform also uses machine learning that adapts personalised care based on each patient’s changing needs and behaviours.

“Healthcare is personal, and helping people achieve their best health is deeply rooted in our commitment as a healthcare company,” said Group Worldwide Chair at J&J, Sandra (Sandi) Peterson.

“Health Partner has been designed with the ‘whole person’ experience in mind to help ensure better engagement between patients and their healthcare team, and get patients back to living their lives – because we know that will help enhance efficiencies and quality of care,” continued Peterson.

The Health Partner platform consists of three connected digital tools: a website that provides education and resources before treatment begins; an app to help guide a patient through surgical preparation and recovery; and a care portal designed for healthcare providers and health systems to enable real-time interaction throughout a patient’s treatment journey.

According to J&J, Health Partner focuses on improving a patient’s ability to stick with their care plan by addressing the underlying behaviours that might hinder success, while also providing tools and support to keep patients motivated and engaged throughout their surgical journey.

This is achieved by enlisting patients early in their journey, from initial education about treatment options through encouraging healthy behaviours for long-term success; addressing emotional challenges that patients could face – fear, uncertainty and confusion – building confidence in treatment decisions; and focusing on patient preparedness and fostering greater confidence in their ability to return to better health.

For healthcare providers, through Health Partner they can personalise care and improve the patient experience. Meanwhile, health systems can benefit from improved outcomes such as reduced length of stays and fewer treatment-related readmissions, which translate into greater cost savings.

“Our collaborative partnership with the Health Partner team had the insights, experience and technology to enable us to strengthen the patient-provider relationship throughout the continuum of care. We believe the ability to customise a patient’s care path to their physical and emotional needs is critical for recovery. We want our patients to go home happy, with restored function and little to no pain,” said Vice President of Operations at Princeton HealthCare System, James Demetriades. Princeton HealthCare System is an active Health Partner pilot site.

“Health Partner will not only allow our care team to provide critical resources to patients throughout the entire orthopaedic episode of care – pre-op to post-op – but also give the team the ability to monitor patient behaviour, track progress and facilitate discussions around results in real-time. We believe this combination will get us to less costly readmissions and post-operative care,” continued Demetriades.

In the future J&J plans on expanding the Health Partner platform to other clinical areas such as oncology, diabetes and mental health.

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