InterSystems HealthShare® has received  high customer scores in the EMR-independent category of health information technology (HIE) products, according to the KLAS report ‘HIE 2016: Shifts in Vendor Performance and Provider Outlook.’

Through interviews with 332 healthcare providers, KLAS, an independent research firm focusing on healthcare IT, examined the current state of the HIE market and the search for reliability, relevance and transformation.

KLAS defines HIE as at least two healthcare provider organisations’ actively exchanging patient data and other information, unidirectionally or bidirectionally. Information must be shared between “unowned facilities” or separate organisations. HIEs that are not yet actively exchanging data were not counted as live for the purposes of the study.

InterSystems HealthShare received an overall score of 87.1, the second-highest overall score and the highest in the EMR-independent HIE category, indicating strength in both performance and future outlook.

KLAS describes interoperability as key to the success of population health initiatives that support the transition to value-based care. “Without the ability to share patient data and facilitate transitions of care, healthcare organisations cannot hope to improve the quality of care delivery or avoid financial penalties across the continuum,” the report noted.

“We believe InterSystems customers gave HealthShare a strong vote of confidence for the future in providing this critical functionality – interoperability,” said Vice President, HealthShare Platforms, for InterSystems, Joe DeSantis.

When KLAS asked healthcare providers: “Will your vendor be able to meet your interoperability needs in the next few years?” InterSystems was among the vendors rated strongest for both HIE performance and interoperability outlook.

The report stated that: “Nine out of ten customers say InterSystems will keep pace with their needs over the next three years. They expect InterSystems to continue to respond positively to service needs and express confidence in InterSystems’ ability to adapt to any change in the technology landscape.”

The report went on to state that in a changing HIE landscape, InterSystems is one of the few vendors who have maintained a fairly stable island of high performance. “These vendors have largely maintained, or improved, their performance over the last two years. The key to their success? Consistent service delivery.”

“KLAS rankings are highly trusted because they are the voice of healthcare providers – our customers – and are not based on subjective analyses. We are honoured to receive this outstanding score in HIE technology from our clients, and we look forward to further serving their HIE needs with a health informatics platform that will meet their long-term interoperability needs,” concluded DeSantis.

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