hearScreen is a low-cost hearing screening solution, developed by the University of Pretoria, that transforms a smartphone into a calibrated audiometric screening device for early detection of hearing loss.

Where implemented

hearScreen is being used in school screening programmes across Tshwane and by 24 community healthcare workers to screen community members in Mamelodi. The Western Cape DoH has also placed orders to pioneer the technology for community-based hearing healthcare in the province.

There are several research projects underway utilising hearScreen in South Africa, Australia and Canada.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

The innovative solution significantly improves current models of school and community-based prevention for hearing loss.

Its differentiating advantages include calibration to international and national standards (ISO, SANS); real-time noise monitoring for environmental quality control; pre-loaded screen protocols; automated interpretations of screening outcomes; onsite data capturing integrated with user-friendly interface;  and secure data sharing for centralised management and surveillance.

For more information, visit: www.hearscreen.co.za

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