Healthspace (South Africa) is an interactive online medical portal that brings patients and healthcare professionals together to improve healthcare in South Africa.

Where implemented

Healthspace has been developed in South Africa by health professionals passionate about seeing improved healthcare become a reality for all South Africans.

The system was piloted from June 2012 in Parkview, Johannesburg, and launched for public use in March 2013. Since then it has steadily grown its user base in Gauteng and has also had success in Cape Town and most other major centres. There are now over 10,000 registered users across the country.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Healthspace offers the opportunity for busy professionals to streamline and improve the efficiency of their practices, which can be particularly valuable in settings where traditional paper files are hard to maintain, store and retrieve. Being completely electronic, all records can be stored efficiently on Healthspace servers and accessed from any place via the internet.

Healthspace also fills a great need for patients to take control of their own medical information. Patients have access to their own medical histories and can update these; view notes made by their health professionals; and see their prescription details and other medical reports such as laboratory results.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Better integration between health professionals and greater involvement by patients, leading to improved outcomes
  • Reduced time expenditure owing to easy file retrieval
  • Less duplication of investigations and therefore improved cost savings and efficiency
  • Less risk of clinical errors due to unavailability of notes

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