Health-Soft specialises in developing quality applications and innovative electronic solutions for professionals within the healthcare industry. These solutions include e-Scriptingas, its current flagship product. Health-Soft feels strongly about improving patient safety and clinical outcomes and understands the need for efficiency and improving the integration between different healthcare role-players.

There is a worldwide drive amongst healthcare professionals to advance from handwritten to electronic prescriptions. This same shift is evident in South Africa, and with Health-Soft e-Scripting leading the way, all the role-players in the medical industry, including prescribers, dispensers and ultimately patients benefit.

Health-Soft e-Scripting not only includes all standard functions and forms, i.e. favourites, mixtures, medical certificates and referrals, but also information and images about medical conditions and drugs. The differentiating factor though is that Health-Soft e-Scripting fully integrates with all major Practice Management Applications (PMAs) as well as with the leading pharmacy software applications.

Where Implemented

Although e-Scripting is a relatively new concept in South Africa, Health-Soft currently has a base of about 800 medical practitioners, including specialists and dentists, using their e-Scripting application. This includes Nimpa Health Care (NHC), Health WorX, Intercare, Medicross and various independent practitioners across the country.

The pharmacy activation has started, which will ensure a network of doctors and pharmacists are available from which patients can choose.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

The electronic delivery of prescriptions to pharmacy is essential in closing the loop between prescriber and dispenser. This ground breaking initiative offers the complete solution and involves the combining of the following applications with Health-Soft’s e-scripting application:

ScriptSignature – An embedded electronic signature functionality which requires a “positive act of acceptance” by the medical practitioner. Using the electronic signature allows the electronic transmission of prescriptions without the need to print and sign.

ScriptCloud – An electronic gateway platform which allows two-way communication between the user of e-Scripting and any third party, e.g. pharmacies and medical aids. Currently this platform is used to deliver electronic prescription data to pharmacies.

ScriptCollect – An in-box application used by pharmacies to receive electronic prescription data for import into the pharmacy software application. This application also allows viewing and printing of electronic prescriptions in PDF format.

Participating pharmacies retrieve the prescriptions electronically and the prescriber can even send electronic prescriptions directly to the patient’s pharmacy of choice whilst incorporating an electronic signature. Prescription interpretation errors at pharmacies are reduced significantly and prescribers receive fewer queries from pharmacies.

Converting to e-prescribing gears the practitioner for future developments in the healthcare industry, including NHI.

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