The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has selected GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution as the official electronic medical record (EMR) to be used by the medical teams of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

This marks the first time that all athletes and spectators at the Olympic Games will have their health interactions managed by an EMR.

Centricity Practice Solution will be used for managing data related to injuries and illness for athletes competing in the games as well as spectators, officials, athlete family members and coaches who require medical assistance throughout the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

For the competitors, the data managed during the Games will be used to help drive optimal, individualised care to help athletes compete at a world-class level.

“The Olympic Games is about providing the best possible service to athletes,” said Medical and Scientific Director for the IOC, Dr Richard Budgett.

“The gold medal of medical services is something that is integrated and comprehensive: a total package. Adding access to an EMR is key to our drive towards the prevention of injury. Without a proper medical, longitudinal record, it’s difficult for us to do surveillance and see what injuries are most common in certain sports. This would impact our ability to prevent and measure our effectiveness. The EMR is going to be a cornerstone for our medical services going forward.”

Centricity Practice Solution will be available in English and Portuguese and will provide access to next generation workflows, analytics and data to potentially help optimise athlete performance. The information will be analysed to spot patterns and provide insights for future Games planning.

Additionally, medical teams will be able to access diagnostic images and reports from within the EMR to assist in providing world-class care quickly and efficiently. GE’s EMR will be accessible at any of the multiple medical posts throughout the Games and at the central Polyclinic in the Olympic Village where more complex care is delivered.

“By selecting Centricity Practice Solutions EMR, the IOC is extending the clinical care and data management capabilities pioneered by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), which has used GE’s EMR platform for the past two Olympic Games in London and Sochi,” said General Manager, GE Centricity Business Solutions, Jon Zimmerman.

“Incorporating an EMR platform into the healthcare services will enable medical staff at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games access to real time data, analytics and health information to help their athletes perform at peak capabilities,” concluded Zimmerman.

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