FOLUP is a communication and health management platform that allows patients to participate actively to gather their health data in a single, personalised hub – either self-reported or automatically gathered via wearable devices. This information is seamlessly linked to their practitioner who can easily view metrics in an intuitive dashboard-style environment.

The platform also allows patients to anonymously build networks to find support and engage with patients with similar conditions.

Where Implemented

Originally launched in the US and Europe in 2012, FOLUP entered the South African market (with a full SA operation) in early 2013. Anyone who has an internet connection can access and use the FOLUP platform; there is no cost to either the patient or the healthcare practitioner. Essentially deploying a B2B model, FOLUP creates partnerships with health insurers, medical centres, hospitals, patient foundations and medical schemes.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

With more than 20 million South Africans living with a chronic disease, which account for 70% of all deaths, FOLUP has the potential to fundamentally alter the economics of patient care.

FOLUP empowers the patient to capture key data between consultations with their doctor and, in turn, provides the doctor with a significant insight into their patients via a sophisticated dashboard. FOLUP helps patients understand their health better, get better faster, connect with other patients, share experiences, and to help doctors track and monitor them better.

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