DocDiary is a state-of-the-art online appointment booking and schedule management system that is used by medical practitioners and is accessible by patients.

DocDiary is a universal system that allows all patients to be able to connect with and view the appointment calendar of any practitioner listed on the DocDiary system. DocDiary provides advanced schedule management and appointment generating capabilities to medical professionals, and a free, convenient portal for patients through which to find doctors, make appointments and get treatment.

The system fully integrates with the company’s electronic medical/health record system and will further expand its offering by integrating patient information, triage and other applications.

Where Implemented

DocDiary links doctors and other healthcare providers registered on the website with patients, through a secure, user-friendly online solution.

DocDiary is a privately held company with its head office in Cape Town, South Africa.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

The DocDiary system was developed in collaboration with medical professionals and is tailored for the South African environment.

The objective of this system is to improve healthcare in both the private and public sectors in South Africa and to empower both patients and practitioners by providing them with an innovative technological solution that is easily accessible, convenient to use, saves time, money and effort, improves quality of healthcare provided and is secure, ethical and transparent.

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