Valley Electronics GmbH’s Swiss entity, Valley Electronics AG, has developed an electronic fertility monitor, called Daysy, which is providing women with a hormone-free natural birth control and family planning solution.

Daysy consists of a temperature sensor for oral measurements, a single button, a buzzer, a communication jack and a series of coloured LEDs through which the fertility status and device state are displayed.

Every morning the user can use Daysy to check their temperature, and then Daysy evaluates the data and calculates the woman’s fertility status until the next day.

Overtime Daysy collects the user’s temperature data and applies a formula developed from 30 years of research and data from more than 5 million women’s menstrual cycles. This allows Daysy to interpret the woman’s cycle to let them know when they are fertile and when they are infertile.

“Daysy was developed to the strict medical device testing guidelines of the European Union. It is classified as a Class I Medical Device and has solid clinical data backing its efficacy,” said Head of Sales and Marketing of Daysy in South Africa, Catherine Lepley.

“It is the most accurate, all-natural fertility management solution available insofar as it easily indicates when pregnancy can be prevented or planned. It is interesting to know that very few women truly understand how their bodies work. Daysy provides women with empowering information which allows them to take control of their bodies,” continued Lepley.

According to fertility awareness and body literacy advocate and educator, Holly Grigg-Spall, the device has a 99.3% accuracy rate and a Pearl index of 0.7, so it’s as effective as the birth control pill when used correctly.

“The Pearl index is not a hypothetical assumption, but rather a result of multiple studies, independent of the manufacturer. The precision of the formula Daysy uses to calculate a woman’s fertility has been confirmed by a number of independent studies,” said Grigg-Spall.

“Daysy can also tell you when you’re likely to fall pregnant. While a regular BBT thermometer will just give you a number, Daysy takes that number, analyses it along with the past temperatures, and gives you a light – green for infertile, red for fertile,” continued Grigg-Spall.

Daysy also as an accompanying mobile app for iOS and Android smart phones, called daysyView, which allows the user to monitor their fertility.

“By connecting the Daysy fertility monitor to daysyView, a woman can view all her cycle data. Once Daysy is connected to the app, it will automatically synchronise the data with daysyView, giving the woman access to her temperature data and curve, as well as her fertility prognosis,” said CEO at Valley Electronics, Natalie Rechberg.

“However, unlike other apps that may expose the data collected, daysyView’s information can be confidentially shared with a loved one or doctor only if the user wishes to do so,” continued Rechberg.

The app also offers the user the opportunity to view her future fertile and infertile days in a monthly preview. Based on the information gathered through measurements, daysyView is able to calculate a prognostic forecast of a woman’s cycle, making family planning as easy and comfortable as possible.

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