Johannesburg-based eHealth startup, ConnectMed, has rolled out their telemedicine platform in Kenya with the aim of providing affordable medical advice to patients outside of a healthcare setting.

ConnectMed was founded in 2015 and has since gained recognition after being chosen as one of the five winners in the 2016 DEMO Africa startup pitching event followed by their recent involvement in the Lions@frica Innovation Tour in Silicon Valley.

While the startup is still awaiting approval from the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) locally, they have been successful in exporting their platform to Kenya where there’s a high demand for accessible healthcare in rural areas as well as in congested cities.

Through the ConnectMed platform patients can schedule a secure virtual 15 minute doctor’s appointment for the same day via any connected computer or mobile device.

All the doctors registered with ConnectMed are screened, licensed professionals that are able to provide treatment for over 30 ailments as well as electronic prescriptions, referrals and sick notes.

The benefit for doctors being registered with the platform is that they’re able to choose their working hours and save money on marketing, rent and travelling costs.

ConnectMed also offers an Enterprise solution ideal for clinics experiencing a shortage of doctors, as it allows them to treat more patients and improve the medical skills of existing staff.

During trials in Kenya it became evident that the top adopters of the platform were elderly patients who found it difficult to travel and university students seeking sexual and mental health advice.

“Healthcare in Kenya is both scarce given too few doctors, as well as inaccessible due to cost, location, and limited available hours. We started ConnectMed to help solve these challenges and make healthcare delivery truly scalable,” Chief Medical Officer at ConnectMed, Dr Fibian Nyorita, told Disrupt Africa.

According to ConnectMed, to make their service more accessible to the general public they plan to roll out physical PC stations in locations such as pharmacies and internet cafes.

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