Right to Care and the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) Group have joined forces to bring their healthcare technology under one umbrella for the advancement of health outcomes in developing countries.

The new organisation called Qode will house 13 software offerings and will service HIV/AIDS efforts in South Africa and 17 developing countries through support of the EQUIP programme, a USAID funded programme, led by Right to Care.

“Qode’s strength lies in a deep understanding of the healthcare challenges of developing countries. This enables us to develop clinical systems that respond to data analysis requirements,” said Executive Director of Qode, Gert van der Merwe.

Using visual analytics, Qode enables healthcare organisations to explore clinical, financial and operational data which will lead to improvements in patient care, reduce costs and deliver higher value to patients.

“Qode is an African med-tech initiative which offers developing countries a level playing field in the fight against diseases like HIV/AIDS. Qode offers software solutions that provide insights into correlations in clinical data that we have not even begun to explore in many developing countries,” said Executive Director of Qode, Werner Swanepoel.

Qode, through the Right to Care Group, has further entered into a license agreement with Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL) S.A. for the distribution, access and modification of ABL’s medical data and diagnostic software in the developing countries.

“The FPD and Right to Care Groups’ clinical solutions were complementary, when paired with ABL’s offering – it made sense to combine efforts to offer comprehensive solutions to the developing healthcare industry,” said van der Merwe.

“This is the first time in ABL history where we have provided access to the source code of our products to improve and adapt them to local needs. We aim to provide the broadest access at local pricing thereby contributing to improved patient clinical outcomes,” said CEO of ABL, Dr Chalom Sayada.

Qode will align to the Microsoft® Partner Network, as other FPD Group companies, under its commitment to the development, maintenance and support of sustainable software solutions.

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