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TrustaTag - EHN

TrustaTAG – Supplier Profile

TrustaTAG provides unique TAGs printed on packs allowing consumers to use mobile phones to scan and receive detailed healthcare product information.

DNA Logic - EHN

DNA Logic – Supplier Profile

DNA Logic represents two global market leading companies in South Africa, Swisslog and Rowa.

MediKredit - EHN

MediKredit – Supplier Profile

MediKredit offers financial and clinical risk management solutions to both funders and providers of healthcare.

Healthbridge - EHN

Healthbridge – Supplier Profile

Healthbridge exchanges information between the different role players in the South African healthcare industry.

InterSystems - EHN

InterSystems – Supplier Profile

InterSystems has a range of technologies and applications which are used by leading institutions around the world.

Medinol - EHN

Medinol – Supplier Profile

Better Practice Management’s Medinol Practice Management System allows for the capturing, processing, submission and management of healthcare claims.


JAC – Supplier Profile

JAC provides pharmacy stock control, e-prescribing and medicines administration as a single integrated solution.

Cell-Life - EHN

Cell-Life – Supplier Profile

Cell-Life is a non-profit organisation that offers technology-based solutions for the management of health in developing countries.

Jembi - EHN

Jembi – Supplier Profile

Jembi is a non-profit company based in South Africa focusing on the development of eHealth and strengthening HIS in developing countries.

Med-e-Mass - EHN

Med-e-Mass – Supplier Profile

Med-e-Mass offers clinical and financial management software solutions and related services for modern day applications in the healthcare industry.

MediSwitch - EHN

MediSwitch – Supplier Profile

MediSwitch provides robust and effective electronic claims switching solutions between healthcare professionals and medical schemes.

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