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HealthQ - EHN

HealthQ – Supplier Profile

HealthQ Technologies is a start-up company combining skills from various disciplines to provide solutions in the digital health and wellness space.

A-Z of Medicines - EHN

A-Z of Medicines – Supplier Profile

A-Z of Medicines provides intelligent, integrated, individualised medicines information solutions for variable platforms from a fully normalised database.

RecoMed - EHN

RecoMed – Supplier Profile

RecoMed is an intelligent, easy-to-use and powerful online platform for healthcare practitioners and their patients.


TOMPSA – Supplier Profile

TOMPSA actively seeks engagement with other experts in healthcare and technology to create high impact solutions that change the system.

DocDiary - EHN

DocDiary – Supplier Profile

DocDiary is an online appointment booking and schedule management system that is used by medical practitioners and is accessible by patients.

Anova - EHN

Anova – Supplier Profile

Anova is a leading partner in capacity building and the provision of technical support to the Department of Health.


AAT – Supplier Profile

AAT is a WASP whose mission is to further entrench mobile technologies into communities as an empowering tool for information dissemination.


FOLUP – Supplier Profile

FOLUP is a communication and health management platform that allows patients to participate actively to gather their health data.

info4africa - EHN

info4africa – Supplier Profile

info4africa is a national data collection agency specialising in the fields of health, wellbeing and development.

UC-Wireless - EHN

UC-Wireless – Supplier Profile

UC-Wireless specialises in the distribution of integrated wireless communication systems with a complete offering for the healthcare vertical.

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