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MACH4 – Supplier Profile

MACH4 supplies safe and secure automated, drug management systems into pharmacies, hospitals and the healthcare industry.

Abela Africa - EHN

Abela Africa – Supplier Profile

Abela Africa strives to bridge the gap between first and third world healthcare by delivering modern medical technology directly to the market.

hearScreen - EHN

hearScreen – Supplier Profile

hearScreen is a low-cost hearing screening solution that transforms a smartphone into a calibrated audiometric screening device.

LifeQube - EHN

LifeQube – Supplier Profile

LifeQube aims to adapt mobile technologies to create sustainable mHealth solutions in the developing world to improve healthcare and utility services.

MDG Health Solutions - EHN

MDG Health Solutions – Supplier Profile

MDG Health Solutions is a medical technology company focused on providing innovative solutions to help healthcare providers meet the MDGs.

Datacentrix - EHN

Datacentrix – Supplier Profile

Datacentrix is a complete ICT systems integrator that provides solutions and managed services to enterprises in South Africa.

Journey - EHN

Journey – Supplier Profile

Journey helps medical organisations that rely on a mobile workforce to improve their processes with mobile apps.

Fortinet - EHN

Fortinet – Supplier Profile

Fortinet's mission is to deliver an innovative, high performing network security platform to secure and simplify organisations’ IT infrastructure.

Aviro - EHN

Aviro – Supplier Profile

Aviro wants to redesign approaches to healthcare in Africa by creating tools and products that change the way we think about medical intervention.

VP Health Systems - EHN

VP Health Systems – Supplier Profile

VP Health Systems is an African software development company specialising in the provision of practical, easy to use applications.

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