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EMC – Supplier Profile

EMC is a global leader in enabling healthcare providers and healthcare service providers to transform their operations.

HealthSpace - EHN

Healthspace – Supplier Profile

Healthspace is an interactive online medical portal that brings patients and healthcare professionals together to improve healthcare in South Africa.

Acfee - EHN

Acfee – Supplier Profile

Acfee believes in, and supports, eHealth’s role in transforming and strengthening African healthcare systems.

Manorama - EHN

Manorama Infosolutions – Supplier Profile

Manorama Infosolutions is the developer of Lifeline Suite, a Global Compliance ERP consisting of more than 45 modules for multi-specialty hospitals.

Grapevine - EHN

Grapevine – Supplier Profile

Grapevine is a leading mobile integrator that specialises in delivering mobile engagement services, solutions and applications.

LookSee.Do - EHN

LookSee.Do – Supplier Profile

LookSee.Do provides solutions around low bandwidth video, augmented reality & virtual reality that enable remote maintenance of high-tech medical equipment.

MobiMedia - EHN

MobiMedia – Supplier Profile

MobiMedia is a ‘mobile first’ focused company dedicated to creating and providing workable digital solutions for smartphones and feature phones.

HealthEnabled - EHN

HealthEnabled – Supplier Profile

HealthEnabled (formally mHELP) is a non-profit organisation that engages national & global partners to support the effective use of technologies for health.

SmartPrac - EHN

SmartPrac – Supplier Profile

SmartPrac is practice management software that provides easy invoicing, simple expense tracking and top of the line security.

CenHealth - EHN

CenHealth – Supplier Profile

CenHealth is a health technology solutions company that specialises in providing digital personal health records and mHealth solutions.

Sebrio - EHN

Sebrio – Supplier Profile

Sebrio Consulting is a software development and systems integration company with diverse skill and a focus on Healthcare IT Systems.

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