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UDoTest - EHN

UDoTest – Supplier Profile

UDoTest provides the latest in accepted and safe self-sample pathology tests that are as accurate as the methods typically employed in and out of hospitals.


mHealthCo – Supplier Profile

mHealthCo revolutionises digital tracking and tracing for real-time management of drug adherence and behaviour compliance.

Beyond Wireless - EHN

Beyond Wireless – Supplier Profile

Beyond Wireless is helping to save millions of lives around the world by providing cutting edge remote temperature monitoring solutions.

Oticon - EHN

Oticon – Supplier Profile

Based on passion, dedication and professional expertise, Oticon designs and manufactures hearing aids for both adults and children.

CareChamp -EHN

CareChamp – Supplier Profile

CareChamp offers flexible and transparent short or long-term solutions for people in need of care in their own home.


HIFA – Supplier Profile

Healthcare Information for All (HIFA) is a global campaign that seeks to save the lives of adults and children in low- and middle-income countries.

A2D24 - EHN

A2D24 – Supplier Profile

A2D24 is a tech startup whose mission is to help solve the world’s toughest challenges using technology.

PPO Serve - EHN

PPO Serve – Supplier Profile

PPO Serve aims to drive a shift in private healthcare from a fragmented, fee-for-service care model to a value-based model.

30 Day Health - EHN

30 Day Health – Supplier Profile

30 Day Health is a health tech startup that provides on-demand healthcare services through their Care Delivery app.

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