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Healthcare - EHN

Rising Healthcare Costs in South Africa

Dr Bobby Ramasia and Dr Humphrey Zokufa discuss the rising cost of healthcare in the country and how it needs to be addressed.

Check Point Software Technologies - EHN

Securing the Healthcare Industry

Area Manager for East and West Africa at Check Point Software Technologies, Rick Rogers, talks about the importance of healthcare cybersecurity.

Ryan Noach - EHN

The Value of Technology in Healthcare

Dr Ryan Noach from Discovery Health talks about how technology and emerging global healthcare trends has changed the way Discovery offers medical insurance.

Bobby Ramasia - EHN

Hospital Plans vs. Hospital Insurance

Principal Officer of Bonitas Medical Fund, Dr Bobby Ramasia, explains the difference between a hospital plan and health insurance and how GAP Cover fits in.

Unjani Clinics - EHN

Unjani Clinics Transforming Healthcare

Unjani Clinics meet the need for primary healthcare in poor communities by providing essential medicines and education at the point of need.

eHealthALIVE2016 eHealthNews

Getting Africa Ready for Interoperability

Manager of Architecture and Standards at GE Healthcare, Charles Parisot, will be hosting a two-part Interoperability Masterclass at eHealthALIVE2016.

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