Israeli medical technology company, Vaica, has developed a personally-customised medication adherence solution, called Capsuled™, which reminds patients to take their medication.

According to Vaica, the device is designed to create an accessible gateway to all patient-related digital information, along with timed encouragement messaging. Capsuled uses auditory and visual alerts to remind patients to take medication, and also integrates educational videos.

These features were especially designed by Vaica in order to assist pharmaceutical companies to improve the patient journey.

“Capsuled is a unique patient adherence product targeted specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. It offers an improved solution, based on our validated, FDA and CE approved technology,” said CEO of Vaica, Tomer Gofer.

“Vaica’s mission is to improve patients’ lives through its customised medication adherence solutions. At the core of our technology is cloud-based software, enabling remote management of smart medication dispensers. This offers real-time patient engagement, resulting in higher adherence levels, better patient outcomes and enhanced support,” continued Gofer.

Vaica’s technology has been implemented in two extensive clinical studies conducted by one of the largest private hospital chains in Italy that chose to partner with Vaica and Telecare H24, a provider of telemedicine services.

The clinical studies are focused on improving medication adherence in chronically ill patient populations characterised by suboptimal medication adherence. Patients with chronic diseases such as Cardiac Heart Disease (CHD), Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) will participate in these studies.

For the purpose of these studies, Vaica developed a unique device designed to suit inhalers of different brands such as AstraZeneca’s Eklira Genuair and Symbicort Turbohaler, as well as Boehringer Ingelheim’s Spiriva and Respimat. Among other features, this solution introduces a new capability of identifying the specific medication ID, and provides accurate knowledge of drug intake, time stamps and refills, as well as adherence data.

Vaica’s medication adherence products are distributed worldwide and used by various healthcare organisations. The SimpleMed+, one of the Company’s flagship products, based on the same technology as Capsuled, is utilised by hospitals and healthcare organisations in the US, Israel, Brazil and Europe.

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